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Ultra-High Performance Concrete, referred to as UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete), also known as Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC), is the most innovative cement-based engineering material in the past thirty years. Realized a great leap in performance of engineering materials.

"Ultra high performance concrete" contains two aspects of "super high"-super high durability and super high mechanical properties.

UHPC can be regarded as the most durable engineering material. The mechanical properties of UHPC with proper reinforcement are close to steel structure. At the same time, UHPC has excellent wear resistance and explosion resistance.

The UHPC produced by Nano has the following characteristics:

1.Ultra-high damping coefficient

2.Very good thermal stability

3.Perfect combination with various functional parts of the machine tool

4.High precision

5.Short production cycle

6.Relatively low cost

Application areas:

Machine tools, structural parts of machine tools (bed, frame, gantry)

Jinan East Star Precision Measure Co. Ltd. Founded in 1989, is specialized in producing granite measuring instruments and machinery parts.

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