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An Epoch-Making New Material >>

Machinery Polymer Composite / Artificial Granite / Resin Concrete. This material is a new type of material popular in the international machinery industry. It can replace traditional cast iron and be used in key part such as machine bed, base, beam, and column. The mineral composite material for machinery is patented product independently researched and developed by us with complete intellectual property rights, which fills the blank of this project in China.

Application Field >>

Machinery Field

Milling machines, CNC, cylindrical grinders and surface grinders tool grinders, lathes, EDM equipment gear processing equipment, boring and grinding machines laser cutting machines, automatic punching machines, and piercing machines.

Measurement Fields

Coordinate measuring machines, measuring blocks, balancing machines, test benches, various experimental devices, etc.

Semiconductor Field

Connectors, automatic inserting machines, analysis equipment and inspection equipment wafer (sheet) processing and testing, printed circuit board drilling machines etc.

Assembly Service >>

We can design an assemble corresponding accessories according to user requirements including linear guides, led screws, couplings, slides, etc. It saves your equipment development design and assembly time, accelerates the launch of the equipment and saves about 30% of the cost.

Function And Advantage >>

The mineral casting product developed and produced by us is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly structural material that is used to replace cast iron but has better performance than cast iron-a new type of mineral composite material. It has the following advantages:

1.The Damping Effect is Obvious

The damping ratio is 10 times that of cast iron parts;

Reduce steps and time in the process of equipment installation and commissioning; The ideal image can be obtained even more in optical sensing detection;

Provides excellent stability for fast browsing, swiftness and detection;

Greatly improve the processing accuracy of the workpiece.

2.Flexible Design Process and Strong Combination

(1) The mold can perfectly combine the following components through integrated design:

  • Various screw holes;

  • Slotted pin holes and positioning pin holes;

  • Trapezoidal groove/groove;

  • Wires, wires, through holes;

  • Synthesize curved surfaces or datum surfaces with granite, metal, and ceramics for installing guide rails in special areas.

(2) Optimized the appearance of the equipment, making mineral castings look like an industrial artwork;

3.Reduce Costs

  • The secondary machining process of metal castings is highly integrated into theinstallation and casting of mineral casting molds, and the parallel process can greatly savethe secondary finishing and machining costs of metal castings by more than 75%;

  • Significantly reduce the amount of expensive structural materials;

  • Integrate complex parts, diversified structure effectively reduce the number of systemparts and assembly time.

4.Heat Resistance

  • The coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than that of metal castings, and the heatresistance gradient is smaller;

  • The product has high efficiency and long life.

5. High Precision

  • Small thermal shrinkage, no local shrinkage;

  • improve the high-precision processing needs of machine tool products.

6.Environmentally Friendly Materials

  • Use waste granite scraps as raw materials;

  • Low pollution, environmental protection, low consumption, high output.

Jinan East Star Precision Measure Co. Ltd. Founded in 1989, is specialized in producing granite measuring instruments and machinery parts.

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